Every good conference should start with a bloggers dinner – and Robert Scoble!

Yep. So here I am. At the Ragan conference in Chicago.

The event started out in a great, informal, stimulating way – a bloggers dinner organized by Kevin Dugan and Chris Thilk. And who showed up when there were only the three of us there? Robert Scoble. First time I’d met him. A genuine, sincere, modest guy. Smart of course.

Robert ScobleThe table kept growing through the evening. But I bailed early. My day started some 18 hours ago. And I hear that the keynote speaker tomorrow is kickass. So, I’m back at the hotel for a quick drink, this post and a decent night’s sleep.

I’ll try to live blog the sessions tomorrow. If there is reliable wireless in the meeting rooms.

If the wireless turns out to be spotty or nonexistent, I plan to test Windows Live Writer as an offline editor. 24 hours from now, I’ll tell you whether it worked.

  • It was cool to meet ya Joseph!

  • Hey Joe — Did you meet my pal David Armano?

  • Hi Ann,
    Unfortunately, I was leaving just as David arrived. So we really didn’t get to meet. But he did get my chair when I vacated it!

  • Cynthia, Ted and Eliz

    Great photos of the dinner, Joe! But “kickass” is not an appropriate word for your blog! Sorry Dad, that was mom being all mom-like and unfortunatly Ted (the wet blanket) agrees. Anyways your blog rules!

    ♪♪♪Liz (the editor)♪♪♪,
    Ted and

  • Well, “Kickass” could/may/ be a very appropriate term as indeed the dinner was.

    Did you know this post is on techmeme?

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