Turkeys of America, Canada offers you sanctuary

Tom TurkeyIt’s a bad day to be a turkey in the United States. All across the country, turkeys are losing their heads and ending up in roasters.

But, there is a sanctuary for American turkeys. Look north. Look way north – to Canada. Our doors are open to you.

And when you come here, rest in peace knowing that our Thanksgiving is another 11 months away. And even then, you can be sure that we’ll ask permission before we wield the axe.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.


The triple Joe loop.

The triple Joe loop., originally uploaded by David_Jones1.

Yep, we’re all catching Olympic fever as the Vancouver Winter Games approach.

And if you like the stache, you can help make a sick child’s wish come true by contributing to the Make A Wish Foundation on the Mustaches for Kids site. If you indicate that you’re making your contribution in support of my stache, I’ll match your contribution. A chance to do good and then double it.

Big thanks to @DoctorJones for the Podium Pal avatar. You can get one of you own at the Podium Pals site.

Make a child's wish come true through Mustaches for Kids

Joseph-Thornley-M4K-091120Once again this year, I’m annoying my wife and providing amusement to many others by growing a mustache. And as I hear people chuckling as I pass by, I take comfort in knowing that it’s all for a good cause – helping make the wish of a sick child come true.

Yes, I’m participating again this year in Mustaches for Kids. During the month of November, I join other men in cities and communities across North America in a desperate plea for your attention. And once we have it, we ask you to make a contribution to a most worthwhile cause – the Make a Wish Foundation.

For years, Make a Wish has been bringing a smile to the face of seriously ill children. And I want to help them do this. And you can help too.

How can you help?

Simply go to the Mustaches for Kids site that I’m registered on and make a contribution.

Make your contribution count double

Here’s a bonus. If you indicate on the M4K Website that you’re making your contribution in support of me, I’ll match your contribution. I’m hoping that people will make a total of $1,000 in contributions associated with my ‘stache. I’ll match all the contributions up to that amount.

So, please open your heart and your wallets. Help make a sick child’s wish come true.

Trust Agents co-author Julien Smith to speak at Third Tuesdays across Canada

JulienSmithLooking 091104Julien Smith is co-author with Chris Brogan of Trust Agents, a New York Times best-seller that has been named one of Amazon’s top 10 business and investing books of 2009. And Julien Smith will be the next speaker to “go cross-Canada” with appearances at Third Tuesdays in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

I found Trust Agents to be a smart, practical introduction to the mindset that underpins success in the interconnected world of social media. A few quotes from the book that will give you a sense of what to expect from Julien:

“You need to be liked, and you start becoming likable by being worthy of being liked.”

“Helping others is probably one of the most effective ways to help yourself. By spreading ideas that help others, you get credit and people get the help they need. It’s win-win. What a change from the scarcity mentality most people live with every day, isn’t it?”

“One element of being considered One of Us is that the benefits or rewards you will encounter come from genuine interactions. Exchanges of kindness or transactions involving social capital tend to build on each other.”

Julien will be sharing his insights into the nature of social capital, the role of trust agents and how we can form tribes with others who care about the things we care about. In Julien’s words: “We will never need more advertising. We will always need more community, and tighter links between those we care about. Learning to build tribes using the new radios has never been more important, and understanding social capital has never been more valuable.”

Register to attend

Third TuesdayJulien will appear at Third Tuesday Ottawa on November 30 and Third Tuesday Toronto on December 1. He’ll then do a pair of appearances at Third Tuesday Calgary on January 18 and Third Tuesday Vancouver on January 19.

You can register online now to attend Third Tuesday Ottawa and Third Tuesday Toronto with Julien Smith. The links to the Third Tuesday Calgary and Third Tuesday Vancouver events will be posted soon.

It takes a community to make Third Tuesday possible

Our sponsors – CNW Group, Rogers Communications, Molson Coors Canada, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, and Radian6 – underwrite the cost of bringing speakers to Third Tuesdays in cities across Canada. Their sponsorship goes toward travel, accommodation, the costs of the venue and audio visual.

Our speakers donate their time. Thank you Julien.

And volunteers in each community organize the events. So, a big thank you to our volunteers – Michelle Sullivan and the Montreal team; Tanya Davis and Monica Hamburg in Vancouver; Doug Lacombe and Andrew McIntyre in Calgary; Kirsty MacRae in Ottawa and Sarah Laister in Toronto.

Without you, Third Tuesday simply wouldn’t be possible.