Conversation with b5media's Jeremy Wright

I had a chance to talk with b5media‘s President, Jeremy Wright, when we were at Gnomedex.

Justin Kan by Laughing SquidWe opened the conversation with a discussion of b5media’s sponsorship of’s cap. (Justin Kan auctioned the space on the front of his hat during his presentation at Gnomedex. Jeremy paid $750 to have b5media’s logo on Justin’s cap for a month.) Bottom line: This type of stunt generates buzz among opinion leaders and influentials.

Jeremy also discussed the potential for bloggers to make a living from their blogs. It’s possible, but to make a full-time living you have to work at it full-time.

Finally, I asked about b5media’s growth plans. Look for Jeremy to mention in the last minute of the video that he’s working on licensing the b5media platform and deals to provide b5media’s ads to other large blogs.


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* Thanks to Laughing Squid / Scott Beale for the Photo of Justin in the b5media cap.