The Enduring Value of Blogs

…blogging perseveres – as it should. It is a place where context, thoughtfullness and continuity are rewarded with inbound links, ReTweets, bookmarks, comments and Likes. Blogs are the digital library of our intellect, experience, and vision. Their longevity far outlasts the short-term memory of Twitter or any other micro network. In fact, with Twitter, we are simply competing for the moment. With blogs, we are investing in our digital legacy.

Brian Solis captures in a paragraph why I continue to blog. Thank you Brian for a succinct reminder of the enduring value of blogging.

The rest of Brian’s post is well worth reading – an analysis of key indicators in Technorati’s 2010 State of the Blogosphere report.

  • Benson Hendrix

    That’s a very good point! While the external “social networking” powers that be change every few years (Ryze to Friendster to MySpace to Facebook and Twitter), your blog’s more permanent (which is also why people or companies should invest more time in creating content for it). It’s that Grand Central You that gives you permanent(ish) shelter in the ever-changing digital storm where people can find you.

    • Thanks for your comment Benson. It’s interesting to me how the conversation in response to blog posts has moved onto Twitter in the past year. So, I definitely appreciate the comment that’s actually left here on the blog itself. It keeps it a vibrant place.