Blogtipping: Blogging Me Blogging You

Ed LeeA blog I like: Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You

Things I like:

1) Ed’s brighter than the average person and his posts show it. Always insightful.

2) Ed Tracksback and he comments. He engages in the conversation not just on his own blog but on others. He understands social media.

3) Ed brings a trans-Atlantic perspective to public relations. He reflects on his experience both in the UK and Canada. Just enough difference of perspective. Not the same old same old view of the pack.

Tip: Ed, the embedded video is great. Please include pictures with all your posts. The right pictures draw attention, enhance the appearance of the page and reinforce the headline.

Blogtipping: Michael Geist

Michael GeistA blog I like:

Michael Geist’s Blog. Michael is the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.

Things I like:

  1. Michael writes intelligently about the need for a copyright regime that supports the creation and free movement of content.
  2. Michael¬†pulls no punches. I don’t always agree with him, but I know that I can count on him to advance his arguments with courage and conviction. This doesn’t always (ever?) make him friends in the content-based industries, but he is undeterred by this.
  3. Michael writes from a global perspective. Yes, home base is Canada, but Michael covers major international developments in the United States, Europe and elsewhere.


Michael, you should enable TrackBacks. The conversation would be much richer if you would enable people to continue it on their own websites (which provide the context for their comments). It would also give readers a much better sense of the community that is building up around you.


I've been blogtipped

I’m blushing. We all write hoping that someone finds what we have to say useful, thought provoking or entertaining. Thanks to Chris Clarke for reading and blogtipping me.

And, yes, Chris, your tip is bang on. I do have to post more often. The past month has been hectic. The clients I work for and the people I work with have taken all my time (which I’ve gladly given) and blogging has suffered. However, things are settling down and I’m hoping to post more frequently.

Thanks for the blogtip!

Blogtipping: Canadian Entrepreneur

A blog I like: Canadian Entrepreneur by business author, Rick Spence.

Rick Spence

Things I like:

1) Rick posts frequently about marketing, one of the functions that studies tell us entrepreneurs hold for themselves, but do not always understand.

2) Rick knows his stuff. A former editor of Profit, the Magazine for Small Business, he has been covering business for longer than he likes to admit. And now he is an entrepreneur himself. Living the dream.

3) A Canadian writing about Canadian small business! The U.S. has a much more vigorous blogging community. Rick is one of the pioneers in Canada. Keep going Rick.

Tip: Rick please enable Trackbacks. I frequently want to continue the conversation on my own blog, but Canadian Entrepreneur provides no way for me to ping back to your posting.


Easton Ellsworth has a great suggestion:

Calling all sentient bloggers: Monday, May 1, 2006 will be Blogtipping Day. (Perhaps the first Monday of each month can be Blogtipping Day – let me know what you think.)

What’s blogtipping? It’s where you forget yourself for a few minutes and think about another blogger. It’s a win-win. All you do is this: Say three nice things and offer one simple tip.

Sure appeals to me. So, tomorrow and the first day of every month, I plan to “blogtip.”