BlogOrlando demonstrates the culture of generosity

I just returned home from attending BlogOrlando.

It was a great experience. I had a chance to learn from presenters like Shel Israel, Tom Biro, Chris Heuer, Geoff Livingston, Laurie Mayers, Jake McKee, Annie Heckenberger, David Parmet, and David Coustan. It also brought me face to face for the first time with people like Connie Reece and Constantin Basturea.

All in all, BlogOrlando was one of the best sessions on social media I’ve attended this year. And remarkably, the registration fee was zero. Nothing. Nil.

Josh HallettThe conference was organized by Josh Hallett and a team of volunteers. The speakers donated their time and covered their own expenses.

Truly, BlogOrlando embodies the culture of generosity that underlies the pure spirit of social media. The urge to share with others. To connect. To contribute to the common good.

So, a big thank you to Josh Hallett and all the organizers of BlogOrlando and other community driven events like Podcamp, CaseCamp and DemoCamp. You keep the gift economy alive in social media.

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  • Joe, thanks for the kind words. The event was fun, yet a challege to plan. It was good to have some Canadians in the room though 🙂

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  • Joe, getting to meet you was a highlight of the event! Josh and the volunteers did an absolutely amazing job of putting BlogOrlando together — and having been in the event promotion business, I know just how much behind-the-scenes work it required. I gained valuable insights from every session I attended.

    I’ve been like a fish out of water without my laptop, so I’m just now getting around to posting my session notes — will let you know when they’re available.

  • Sounds like it was a real learning experience. I find it’s always good to take part in as many events like this as possible in order to find out what others are doing and to see what you can bring to your own world of social media.

  • Totally agree that the Culture of Generosity was in full effect at this event. Fantastic vibe in the place, due in no no no small part to Josh. Thanks, Josh!