Tod Maffin talks about plans for Third Tuesday Vancouver

Just before I left Vancouver, I grabbed a quick interview with Tod Maffin. Tod spoke about the Vancouver social media scene and how Third Tuesday could fit in.


  • Doing a video of a man who does video… The new media really is, by definition, multi media. I’m loving it… Mind you, I am kind of biased that way.

  • Hi CT,
    Actually, it was your videos at were the kick in the pants that got me to take the Sony videocam off the shelf and try to pick up video.

    I realize that I meet a lot of very interesting people on a daily basis. And what they have to say is much more interesting than what I could say about them.

    My production is pretty rough right now. But I’m hoping to improve quickly as I see my own mistakes.

  • Keep it rough around the edges, Joseph. I think it lends it more authenticity because it keeps viewers focused on what’s being said and the ideas being articulated, rather than just dazzling them with seamless production.