Google Ad Fail

Thankfully, everyone on the US Airways flight that crash landed in the Hudson River today was safe.

But clearly Google’s ad placement algorithm needs some work. Look in the bottom of this video from an eyewitness. Google’s advertising algorithm thinks this would be a good time to offer me “US Airline Ticket Deals.”


No thank you. Not today.


CT Moore sent me a similar image of inappropriate display advertising on an image of a damaged Qantas aircraft.

More inappropriate advertising


  1. This isn’t the first time airline ticket deals have been advertised alongside a plane crash. Back in July, Google served up “Fly to Australia Cheap” ads alongside a story in an Aussie paper about a Quantas emergency landing.

    And on a MSM sidenote, I was watching a documentary on Global this past weekend about how Walmart engages in union busting practices, but Walmart ads ran during the commercial break.


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