Laurier LaPierre, legendary Canadian broadcaster, has left us

Laurier LaPierreSad news today: Laurier LaPierre, Canadian broadcast icon and former Canadian Senator, has passed away.

I met Laurier when we worked together on Sheila Copps‘ unsuccessful campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Laurier may have been fighting for a lost cause, but he did it with enthusiasm, generosity and the highest principles.

It was an honour to have known him. And a true delight to have spent time with him.


For a perspective on Laurier LaPierre’s contribution to journalism, read Cecil Rossner’s Grilling the Guest – Laurier LaPierre and the Host Seat Interview on the Canadian Journalism Project blog.

Faces of Social Media in Montreal

Shel IsraelOn Wednesday night, Marc Snyder used the occasion of Shel Israel‘s visit to Montreal as an opportunity for a bloggers dinner.

I made the trek to Montreal to see what is happening there. And I’ve got to say, one heck of a lot.

The fascinating conversation underlined for me that bilingual Montrealers have the best of all worlds. They reside in one of the great cities of North America where they can daily experience both the English and French cultural traditions. This provides a unique flavour and perspective to their conversations.

You may want to check out YULBlog, which aggregates a number of Montreal bloggers and Yulbiz, which brings together Montreal’s professional blogging community for periodic meetups.

Here’s are a set of pictures of the great bloggers and podcasters I met in Montreal. Click on each picture to link to their blogs and podcasts. Check them out.

Marc Snyder
Julien Smith

Marie-Chantale Turgeon

Michel LeBlanc

Bob Goyetche

Craig Silverman

Mark Goren

Mictch Joel

Claude Malaison