Manager Tools – practical advice for leaders

David Jones tipped me to the Manager Tools podcast. Every week, Michael Auzenne and Mark Horstman discuss techniques and practical tools that listeners can use to become more effective managers.

Topics of particular relevance to building an effective public relations consulting team include the importance of the one on one meeting, giving effective feedback, delegation, coaching, effective hiring, and performance reviews.

Manager Tools. It’s worth a listen.

  • Joseph-

    Thanks for the kind words. We’ve built Manager Tools for managers and executives just like you and your team. If you lead people, you were probably not taught how to do THAT as well as you were taught geometry formulae, spelling, or editing…all of which are done FOR us nowadays. We focus on the basics, because 25 years ago, we wish someone would’ve taught us.

    Best wishes,


  • Joel Baglole

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Joe.

    I particularly like the idea of the one-on-one meeting, which is probably the best way to bolster manager-employee relations.

    Best. — Joel