A giant leap forward for PR Measurement in Canada

Experienced PR practitioners agree that measurement of what we do is one of our industry’s most pressing challenges.

Tomorrow, a group of volunteers sponsored by the CPRS and NewsCanada will take a major step forward to provide Canadian public relations practitioners with MR2P, a valuable new tool to measure the effectiveness of our media relations programs (disclosure: David Jones, a Vice-President of Thornley Fallis worked on the volunteer committe that developed MR2P and 76design, our webdesign firm, developed the MR2P blog.

And there’s more good news. On the eve of the launch of MRsP, Bowdens announced that it is fielding its own upgraded measurement offering.

Canadian PR practitioners can only benefit from better tools to measure the value and results of what we produce. And the twin offerings by Bowdens and the MR2P group provide choice now and the promise that no one will rest on their laurels.

Congratulations to the MR2P team of PR volunteers, NewsCanada and Bowdens.