Blogging shines light on PR

Zoey's got her eye on youFree-lance writer Zoey Castelino has been following my blog and those of David Jones and Chris Clarke and she offers some observations on the growing number of PR blogs:

I think this idea of public relations practitioners blogging is a great idea and a smart step in the direction of new and social media. It not only gives their clients a fresh outlook and an idea of what they can do, but also it gives anyone not familiar with the industry a better insight into what goes on behind closed doors.

From my experience, Zoe is absolutely dead-on in her assessment.

Since I started blogging, I have been delighted by the range of people commenting on my blog – not only other pr practitioners, but journalists, clients of our firm and students and teachers of public relations. I have learned a great deal from this conversation and sharpened my own thinking on several issues.

And while there is a certain feeling of vulnerability associated with posting my views on my blog (i.e. Do I reveal my naivete? Are my views unsophisticated or uninformed?), there is real satisfaction in having others respond sincerely and seriously to a post and to realize that I have indeed benefitted from the thinking and experience of people whom I might never have known otherwise .

I can only hope that my blog postings continue to throw light on the business of PR, best practices and life in a consulting firm.