Counselors Academy: Monday morning sessions I'm hoping to cover

So many great sessions at Counselors Academy. I’m forced to make decisions. Here are the sessions I’m hoping to cover on Monday

Tom Hoog: The Key Drivers of Reputation: Management for Agency Executives

The former President and CEO of Hill and Knowlton USA leads a breakout session described as “Agency growth is closely connected to the reputation of your leaders. One of the profession’s most accomplished executives will discuss authentic ways for managing reputation and brand persona for you and your firm.”

Steve Cody: A Future-Driven Vision

The Managing Partner of Peppercom asks the question: “What is your firm doing to develop a shared vision and commitment to the future? [Steve] will discuss the vital role that visioning played in the success of his firm.”

Dick Martin: Keynote presentation

The former Executive Vice-President of Public Relations for AT&T (1997-2003) “will mine his experience for lessons on how organizations should navigate their way through crisis and change.”

Bob Reed: From Mother to Mentor: Professional Development and Training for Today’s Workforce

Oh yeah. I’m up for this one. “Managing and training younger employees can be a challenge. They have perceptions, expectations and habits that can negatively impact how they act and perform on the job. So how do agencies manage younger associates to instill professionalism? And how must agency execs adapt to the needs of today’s workforce? [Bob Reed] will explore the issues and provide answers and information … to help upper management mold less-seasoned employees into productive professionals.”

I’m not sure about the molding. But I sure am keen to help young people succeed.