Henderson Bas: Uh oh!

Think before you hit the send button.

When angry, breathe deep, save a draft. Go look in the mirror. Then come back, read the email and ask yourself if you recognize the person who wrote this.

  • I don’t know anything about Henderson Bas, but I do know that I feel bad for everyone involved in this.

    What can you do when something like this happens that threatens the very brand of the company as a friendly firm?

    Let’s just say the t-shirts on the Henderson Bas web site say it all with a little levity and you hope that the people who work there are taking it that way too.

  • Greg, I wholeheartedly agree. There are very few people who have not at one time or another sent emails that did not present them in the best light. People who know Dawna Henderson tell me that she is a good person.

    Mark this down as a cautionary tale on the limits of email as a communications medium and the importance of eye contact and body language to take off the sharp edges.

  • I worked with henderson bas for a month, I would have stayed longer but some stuff came up. Anyway Dawna is such a relaxed and friendly person.

    If I get the opportunity to work with her and the agency again in the future, I’d definitely be interested.

    Pretty funny though.