It's hard getting started again

Writer's BlockI’ve just returned from my vacation and I’m about to begin blogging after an absence of almost two weeks.

But what to write? I’m having a hard time getting back into the blogging state of mind.

I frequently tell new bloggers or those considering starting that they should not over-think their first posts. I tell them that the biggest mistake they could make would be to try to write something profound or truly memorable right off the bat. If they do, they could join the ranks of those who have been walking around with the “great American novel” locked in their brains for years. They never get it written down – good or bad.

And now I’m having the problem. I’m searching for something with real meaning. And I don’t have it.

So, a question to any bloggers who read this: Have you had this problem? How have you gotten past the short term block and back into the blogging routine?


Thanks for the picture to mjutabor.

  • Joe, I can empathize, having gone through a few computer challenges in the past week. Though I was able to post now and again, it wasn’t the rhythm I had.

    Today, I’ve been catching up on reading other blog postings and now have a handful of thoughts for future posts.

    Beeuty is, a conversation isn’t a race – I look forward to what you have to say – when you say it:-) Welcome back.

  • I think this happens to everyone at one point or another. Blogging, much like writing, is tricky because we want everything to be perfect and we want those to who read it to like what we wrote.

    But that sometimes gets in the way and we must remember to be true to our thoughts – after all, that’s what people come to read, isn’t it? We can’t force something. It just happens when it happens.

  • Who are you again?

  • Joe,

    Here’s a couple of articles by Kathryn May that ran in The Ottawa Citizen this weekend (July 15th) that you may want to blog about from the perspective of the CEO of a PR firm that does work with the federal government.

    “The 2.5B balancing act”

    “Small business to get bigger piece of a federal pie”

  • Yes, welcome back. 🙂

    When I can’t write, reading usually does the trick for me. It sparks the ideas that I don’t seem able to summon in a vaccuum.

  • Mike is right on when he says that a conversation isn’t a race. Best to wait til I’m truly inspired rather than throw any old drivel up there….

    Isn’t it true that you either have a million things to write about…or absolutely nothing….?

    Welcome back.