Michael lets the cat out of the bag…

Michael O'Connor ClarkeMichael O’Connor Clarke has posted on his blog that he will be joining Thornley Fallis tomorrow.


We’ve been sitting on this news for several weeks as Michael worked his way through the process of obtaining his Canadian work permit. But now he’s official and it’s official.

Michael, we’re really looking forward to seeing you walk through the door tomorrow morning. And I’m sure that you’ll be greeted by a set of thousand watt smiles. Now, let’s have lots of fun with this social media thing!

  • That is a GREAT hire!

  • Julie Rusciolelli

    All the best Michael! Good move all around. Question though … how did you pull off working all these years in Canada without a permit? You’re better than Houdini! See you around …. jules

  • congrats to both MOCC (the one and only) and to TFG – I’ve only met michael once but from what i know about him, he’s a great hire! as are all brits.


  • Thanks Joe – and thanks Colin, Julie, Ed et al.

    I’ve been bouncing in my seat with excitement about this. Even a trip to the normally soul-destroying “customer service” desk at Staples this morning has done nothing to rob me of my almost inappropriate level of exuberance.

    Julie – ’tis a looooong story. I’ve been on a valid permit all the time I’ve been here, in fact. Had to flex a little as the rules have changed, but all utterly kosher.

    And Ed – for the record – that’s Irish, not really Brit. But I’ll let you off. I do carry a UK passport, after all. And the accent always confuses people.

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  • I was delighted to be able to meet wonderful Joseph Thornley at the Blog Business Summit last week, knowing MOCC would be working for him. What a great match. I can’t wait to watch what will come out of this immensely creative union — sparks!