Riya prepares to launch new site

Munjal Shah has posted some screen shots of Riya 2.0.

Riya 2.0

Munjal’s vision is for Riya 2.0 to be a

web-wide (public) visual search engine that uses face and image similarity to search the web. We are calling this new kind of public web search: Visual Search. Why? Because you will be able to search by clicking on / submitting a photo instead of having to type in text.

The screen shots suggest that Riya will, in fact, enable searches both by image and by text.

Munjal’s post today indicates that face similarity and image similarity will not be turned on at the outset. This is the the crunch capability. We’ll have to wait and see how this works in order to know whether Munjal can fully realize his vision.

Good luck Munjal. I for one am looking forward to using Riya 2.0.