Shel came, Shel was seen, Shel conquered

Shel Israel, Author, Speaker, Nice Guy!Six events in three days. One very hoarse voice. One exceptionally generous man.

Shel Israel came to Canada this week. And we benefited from his insight, wisdom and advice regarding the potential of blogging and social media to bring about a major change in the way that organizations communicate both inside with employees and outside with the public.

During his time here, Shel met and spoke with over 100 Canadian communication and marketing decision-makers. And from the questions and the interested, engaged looks on people’s faces, I am sure that he had a significant impact. In the next six months, I believe that we will see more Canadian companies and organizations incorporate social media into their communications programs.

That will make us smarter, more effective communicators. That in turn will help Canadian companies to be more competitive and Canadian organizations to better serve their stakeholders.

And that’s exactly what we hoped that Shel’s trip to Canada would achieve.

Thank you Shel. You’ve made a difference. What better thing could be said about any of us?

  • Thanks to you and the gang for bringing him up and organizing the event.

  • I’m the one who should be saying thanks. It was a wonderful series of events. I just have the best time in Ontario and I go home benefitting a great deal from the conversations I had with so many wonderful people. Thanks for your sponsorship, Joe.

  • Shel,
    I’m looking forward to Global Neighbourhoods. Both to read and as a reason to get you back here with us.

    Enjoy the California winter. We’ll think about you in January!