• i see mr dunn has been doing the rounds – looking forward to news of another “assimilation”


  • Joe,
    Was terrific to be out last Tuesday and to meet some of our cities’ fellow bloggers and communicators.

    The pics were a fun part but I barely had a chance to say ‘big cheese’ and ‘click’ you got my goofy shot (all good’n’fun though).

    I did post on this and will be likely chatting further about Wikinomics — particularly from the perspective of my coaching work. I am really getting how big this shift is and the underlying mindset changes that needs to accompany it. Some will jump right in – others may resist (sounds like a coaching and people development opp!).

    Anyways, thanks for organizing the event and I invite any of our fellow bloggers/communicators to visit my blog and join that part of the discussion.