Get more out of your Web Browser

FirefoxFirefox and IE7 are the first applications I open when I turn on my computer every morning. And they are the last applications I close when shutting down at the end of the day. I use them far more than any other software on my computer.

Yet, like most people, I didn’t read any help files for these applications. I relied on intuition and trial and error to learn how to use them.

So I’m pretty jazzed that Lorelle VanFossen is publishing a series of posts that will provide a Web Browser Guide for Bloggers. She’s providing detailed advice for both of the two most widely used browsers, IE7 and Firefox. So, this series should be helpful to almost anybody who uses a browser (that means all of us.) Her second post this morning provides a good overview of the parts of the browser, including a number of useful tips for using them more effectively. For example, thanks to Lorelle, I now know a number of keyboard shortcuts for frequently repeated commands. No need to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse.

Internet ExplorerSo, if you are like me and spend a good part of your day using your browser, do yourself a favour and follow Lorelle’s Web browser series.

And if you use WordPress for your blog, take a look at Lorelle on WordPress, where Lorelle provides intelligent and clear advice for WordPress users. I highly recommend it.

(Oh, and you were probably wondering why I have two browsers open all day. I use Firefox as my default browser. But I need IE7 for a custom time recording application that 76design optimized for IE7.)