Heading to Boston for Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0
I’m heading to Boston for Enterprise 2.0, which bills itself as “The Collaborative Technologies Conference.”

I decided to attend this year because of the interesting mix of traditional proprietary enterprise software with the new breed of social software. I’m interested in seeing how the purveyors of the big ticket systems are being affected and influenced by the emergence of the open source, community driven collaborative platforms.

There’ll be a great lineup of speakers over the next three days. In particular, I’m looking forward to sessions on the first day with Stowe Boyd, Andrew McAfee, Anil Dash, Greg Reinacker, Ross Mayfield and David Weinberger (I packed a copy of Everything is Miscellaneous to read en route.)
I’ll try to blog from the conference or at least daily after the close of business.

I’m also looking forward to meeting Bryan Person while I’m in Boston. If you are reading this and would like to join us for a drink Wednesday evening, send me an email.