Help a friend of Public Relations

Shankhassick FarmOver the years, Katie Paine has contributed to public relations as a leading edge thinker in how to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of PR programs.

Now word via Shel Israel and Eric Eggertson that Katie needs help to save Shankhassick Farm.

If you want to help a true friend of the public relations profession, contribute and post about this on your own blog, MySpace, FaceBook – wherever you have a presence.

A few people can have an impact. A thousand people can save a farm.

  • thanks, and you’re right. I figured when I started this if I just sent out bar tabs to everyone who had gotten drunk at my house, I’d be pretty close to goal in a day or two, alas, it takes a bit more than that. but this helps enormously, thank you. …

  • Like they say, many hands makes light work. Now, if I can get everyone to contribute to buy me a Nikon D80… 😉

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