I'm speaking Thursday night at an IABC Toronto AIP Seminar

IABC TorontoIf you’re in Toronto on Thursday evening, let’s talk about social media and blogger relations. That’s the topic that IABC Toronto’s Independent Practitioners group have asked me to address at their “Old Media vs. New Media” seminar.

When you visit the event page, you won’t see my name. But don’t worry, I’ll be there. I’m the “panel members (TBC)” 🙂

If you read my blog, I’d love to see you there and to hear what you think about blogger relations and whether they matter when compared with traditional media relations.

  • Joe, any chance the event will be Ustreamed so that those of us in Boston can check out your talk? Alternatively, what about an audio recording?

    Sounds like a great seminar!

  • Hi Bryan,
    I’m hoping to capture video of the session. Hopefully, it will yield some content worth posting. 😉

    And, by the way, what are you doing reading blogs at 5:18AM? Don’t you ever sleep?

  • Thanks for flagging this Joe. I’ll be there.

    Brian – I’ll do my best to live-blog the key points on Twitter.

  • Sorry I will miss you tonight, Joe. Had planned to be there but……..

    Break a leg!