Kami Huyse shares the lessons she learned from organizing the PRSA Conference blog

This year’s PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia was jam packed with sessions on social media topics led by the likes of Phil Gomes, Katie Paine, Josh Hallett, Peter Himler, Rick Murray, and John Bell.

But the social media action wasn’t just in the sessions. It was everywhere in the conference. A special conference blog was set up to host posts on the conference sessions. Eric Schwartzman roamed the halls interviewing speakers and participants for special conference editions of his podcast. The air was thick with Twitter traffic as participants posted their impressions of several simultaneous sessions. And of course there was the requisite bloggers dinner on the first evening of the conference which brought together over two dozen bloggers and podcasters.

The person behind this blogging bonanza was Kami Huyse from San Antonio, Texas. I had a chance to talk with Kami at the end of the conference about the lessons she’d learned from this process (you can never have too many bloggers; integrate Twitter into the blogging feed) and advice she’d offer others who are considering organizing conference blogging efforts (start with Josh Hallett’s conference blogging tips.)

The interview runs just over three minutes and you can watch it here.


  • Hi Joe:
    I’m glad you posted this. Kami did a great job organizing this and the coverage was excellent. Integrating twitter into the conference blog in the future is a good idea too. The twitter coverage at PRSA was timely, informative and very helpful in making new contacts.

  • Thanks Joe. I got tied up in meetings and the hunt for a power cord, so I missed alot of the conference, but with all the social media, I felt like I was really there.

  • I think I looked as tired as I was in this video, but I was so excited that you and all of my other social media friends were there to pull me through.