Leaving Las Vegas and the NewComm Forum

Leaving Las VegasSo, here I am at McCarran Airport and I’ve had a pleasant surprise. Free Wi-Fi in the International Terminal. This is the first time I’ve been in an airport with free Wi-Fi. I hope that other airports consider that Wi-Fi has become an essential tool for the business travellers that wander their halls. Not charging for this is refreshing. Thank you to the people of Clark County!

I had to leave midway through Shel Holtz‘s wrap-up of NewComm Forum. But Chip Griffin was able to stay for the session and he’s posted an excellent summary of Shel’s presentation. It sounds like Shel really did tie together everything we heard over the past two days.

And did we ever hear a lot! As always at these sessions, I go home with a lot to think about. And during the next few days I know I’ll turn back to my postings and rediscover things that were said that I’ll want to pursue further. That’s what’s great about conferences like this. Five or six nuggets that come out of the blue in different sessions. And that’s enough to keep me attending.

NewComm ForumBut the other great perk of attending this year was to renew old friendships and meet other people for the first time whose blogs I have read and appreciated during the past year. People like Kami Huyse, Shel Israel, Shel Holtz, Susan Getgood, David Parmet, Josh Hallett, Todd Defren, Phil Gomes, Brian Oberkirch, Chris Heuer, Giovanni Rodriguez and Jen McClure. (Thank you Jen for spearheading NewComm and the SNCR.)
Check out the photos from NewComm Forum on flickr.

So that’s it. Now for the schlep home to Ottawa – where the temperature’s -10C and there’s another good week of skiing left. And I’m … leaving Las Vegas.