Looking ahead to the top social media, PR and marketing conferences of 2008

NewComm ForumI’m planning my 2008 conference schedule. And as I do so, I’d like to share my assessment of the conferences that are worth attending.

So, starting this week, I’ll publish a series of posts looking ahead to the conferences I plan to attend and the reasons I’d recommend each of them.

Over the past year, my interest in social media and its impact on communication and marketing has taken me to some great conferences. The very best of these conferences have Bob Goyetcheincluded the SNCR New Comm Forum, Mesh, Gnomedex, Podcasters Across Borders, the Canadian Institute’s Social Media Conference, Enterprise 2.0, and BlogOrlando as well as more traditional gatherings like the IABC International Conference, and the PRSA Annual Conference.

Of course, no one person can attend all of the best conferences. I know that there are other great conferences that I haven’t attended.

What are the best conferences you have attended that you would recommend to others?