Make Toronto's Mesh Conference08 the best ever

Mesh Toronto 2006The organizers of Toronto’s Mesh Conference are asking for input on the sessions you would like to attend and the speakers you’d like to hear from.

I’ve offered a few suggestions:

Social media metrics and measurement

I think that THE pressing issue is metrics and measurement for social media. We cannot duck the ROI questions any longer. Corporations and other organizations have dived into social media with vigour. Now, we must find ways to assess the results of the social media programs. Do we measure results by conversions? By engagement? By something else? And what algorithms can we agree on?

Advertising and PR: Will they converge or fight to the death in social media?

When I attend events like CaseCamp (advertiser driven), I hear people talking about programs that assemble databases and drive conversions. When I attend events like Third Tuesday (PR driven), I hear people talking about longterm relationships, trust and community.

I think that advertising and PR start out from very different perspectives. Will they converge in the social media space? Can we agree that participation is marketing?

Introducing the Social Media Culture into the Corporation

The culture clash between social media and organizations. Social media is about peer creation and sharing. Organizations are about hierarchy and control. How can organizations manage the tension between these different mindsets in order to realize the benefits of social media while maintaining the discipline and focus necessary to be effective?

These are my suggestions. What do you think? What sessions would you like to see at Mesh 2008?