My iRiver died…

Up the iRiverMy iRiver T30 gave up the ghost today. It’s done. Kaput. Not working.

I’d welcome advice on a good replacement for it.

I use it primarily to record voice clips at conferences either through the built in mic or via a feed from a sound system. Size is important. I’m looking for the smallest size I can get so that I can slip it into my pocket. So, I think a 1GB flash drive is what I want. Finally, I want to be able to transfer the files easily via USB to my PC.

Do you know of or use a digital audio recorder that sounds like it will fit my needs? If so, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment with any info and recommendation you could offer to me.

Thanks for you help with this.

  • i have a Griffin recording attachment for iPod video. It works great in a pinch.

  • Actually, i have a Belkin recorder for my Ipod video.

  • Hey Joe:

    In descending order, these are the units that I recommend these days.

    1) Samson Zoom H4 (built in limiter, multijack and very affordable)
    2) Edirol R1 (built in limiter, easy interface, and great workhorse)
    3) M-Audio Microtrack (solid and portable, NO LIMITER)

    We’ve talked about this technology on the Canadian Podcast Buffet a couple of times. Also, I did a review of the Zoom H4 on my own blog a while back, around the same time that Derek K. Miller did a good review of the same unit as well as the newly released Zoom H2 on Inside Home Recording.


  • Hi David and Mark,

    Thanks for the advice. I like the idea of being able to use my iPod. But, I have a Nano and it’s usually crammed to within a few Megs of its capacity.

    I think the Samson Zoom H4 will work best for me.

    Again, thanks for you help with this.

  • I have the Zoom H4 as does Michael Seaton. It’s no iRiver, though my iRiver has given up the ghost too. The Zoom is ugly and kinda scary looking. However, it’s a great device as Mark noted. (His review helped me make the decision to buy it a while back.) The Zoom has two combo inputs (xlr and 1/4″) for plugging in mics and has a load of features, records to SD cards and uses AA or AC power. The limiter is a fantastic feature. I think it’s a great portable podcast studio. In fact, I’ve been using it to record Inside PR for the last month.

    It’s pretty bulky and definitely not compact enough for your pocket like an iPod, iRiver or M-Audio. So you’ll be given up a nice small package for a lot more features and a $400 price tag.

    Since I’ve got a 60g iPod video, which I always tend to have on me, I find the Belkin recorder is handy in a pinch. I recorded some episodes of Inside PR through the “line in” port and the CPRS blogger relations panel I moderated. One drawback to this device is that it will often pick up the whine/whir of the iPod’s hard disk spinning.

  • Hi David,
    I discovered as soon as I opened the box that Samson’s claims that the Zoom “fits in your palm” really probably only applies if you are King Kong! So, I went out yesterday and bought a Sandisk C240 for those times that I want something compact enough for my pocket.
    So, now I’ve got a recorder for both casual clips and serious, higher quality sound capture. 🙂

  • There you go…two birds with, er, two stones…next time I see you I’ll expect a tour of the Sandisk.