Robert Scoble on social media

Robert ScobleI had a chance at Gnomedex to ask Robert Scoble about his approach to the ecology of social media. How does he decide which social media to spend time with and what’s his current view about which tools are best for what functions.

Robert looks for the “doubling pennies,” the applications and sites that are growing rapidly and at an accelerating rate. His intent is to alert us to those hot spots. Right now, he sees Facebook as the most important of the new applications.


By the way, I apologize for the lighting. I’m still learning how to take decent videos. But I hope that you agree that the quality of Robert’s content compensates for the crude production values.

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  • This reminds me of the tone that Scoble took when Calacanis had both him and Loren Feldman on the his show

    The difference is that I actually watched your video the whole way through — I gave up on said Calacanis Cast after 15 minutes because it was too long. These interviews that you’ve done recently have been great. Have you considered uploading them to YouTube? This Scoble clip has some viral potential.

  • I love the idea of using video in your blog, Joe. It’s such an interesting and fun medium to play with. Really takes blogging to the next level by using it. Keep it up!

  • Thanks Zoey and Chris for your encouragement. Since I started to post video, the length of time that people are staying on my site has increased. I think that shows they are actually watching the videos and hopefully reading more of each post. They are also clicking through to other content. And that’s nice because it gives a second life to older content.