This is a joke, right?

I still don’t quite know what to make of Strumpette. Sometimes the ad hominem attacks are contemptuous. Sometimes, the insight is penetrating.

But today, she demonstrated why I should view her blog as an ongoing send up. Pro PR ranked within spitting distance of bloggers like Jeaneane Sessum, Jeremy Pepper, David Parmet, Mike Manuel, Stuart Bruce and Susan Getgood? It must be April Fool.

But thanks, Amanda, for bringing a smile to my face. It’s good to know that you care!

  • Like I said to Todd Defren…people always talk about Alexa rankings being flawed, seeing my blog at the top of the list convinces me they might be.

  • Joe,

    It’s a sign of insanity to laugh at the wrong times. The Alexa rankings are accurate. No joke whatsoever.

    – Amanda

    PS My attacks on certain inflated individuals are, for the record, supposed to be contemptuous all the time… not just sometimes.