We're looking for senior people to join our team

Thornley FallisA short plug for Thornley Fallis: We’re searching for senior people in our Toronto office.

December was a great month for our health care team. They retained a major account and won an assignment from another new client. But this means more work for us now. So, we are looking for a senior communicator who can help us to deliver outstanding work for these clients.

Michael O’Connor Clarke also is searching for an Account Director who will help us to continue to grow during the coming year. Account Directors are our top tier practitioners. So, this is a great opportunity for someone who has already demonstrated success and now wants to take a leadership position with a growing consulting firm.

If you know of someone who might be interested in either of these positions, please ask them to look at the job descriptions on our website. We’ll work hard to make this a smart career move for the right person.