A post worth bookmarking: Lorelle's resources for bloggers

I rarely publish link posts anymore (Twitter has become my preferred way to point people to interesting posts.)

But here’s one post that just so chock full of valuable information for bloggers that I just have to point to it.

Lorelle VanFossen has posted an extensive list of Blog Resources for English Language and Blog Writing.

Guides for better writing, avoiding clichés, English errors, Emoticons(!), double entendres, acronyms – you name it and Lorelle has compiled a list of references to help us.

Thank you Lorelle. This post is priceless.

  • Hey, don’t forget to blog your good stuff. Not everyone Twitters and those that do don’t get exposure to the brilliant things you have to add to the universe. 😀

    Thanks for the kind words. This is just one of several “blog resources” articles I’m releasing. I thought it was time to share the online resources I depend upon to help me blog, and hopefully, others will share theirs. There are some amazing resources online today to help us learn more about how things work, the facts and figures, and more about live in this crazy world.