Heard on Air Canada

Air Canada, Canada's largest airlineAs my flight arrived in Ottawa last night, the pilot came on the intercom to say, “Thank you for flying with Air Canada. I know you have choices. Thank you for flying with us.”

It’s a small thing. But,the fact that the person who had just flown us safely from one place to another cared enough to say these words sent a message that he was conscious of the fact that he was responsible not just for a chunk of flying metal, but also a hundred souls. And that means a lot when you entrust your wellbeing to a stranger on the other side of the locked door.

So, to the pilot of Air Canada 462 on October 4, thank you for bringing me home safely to my family. I did have a choice. And I’m glad that I chose to fly with you.

Note to Air Canada management:

Your customer facing and flight personnel are doing a great job. Please be concerned with their welfare, keep them happy and Air Canada will have a better chance of making it through the economic downturn.