ProPR turns 3 – Should I stay or should I go?

ProPR quietly turned 3 years old in mid November. As I do every year at this time, I look back at my first post to ask myself whether my stated purpose is still valid.

Why did I start blogging?

I wrote in my first post

Through this blog, I hope to have a voice in the discussion surrounding new developments in public relations, communications and marketing.

At my firm, we encourage people to develop to their maximum potential.

Thought leadership is an important goal for all professionals. With this blog, I hope to stimulate others to think about these issues and advance their own thinking.

Comments are an important means of contributing to the discussion. I encourage any who read this blog to offer their comments on my entries.

I don’t kid myself about being a thought leader. But I am happy to be able to contribute my perspective on issues. And I’m even happier that people have commented on the posts they have found interesting or thought provoking.

So, will I keep going?

Blogging has become part of my life. I cannot imagine ever going back to reading a book without being able to make a note in the margin, “Post about this on ProPR.” Or to reading an online article without being able to tag it to delicious with the intention of linking to it in a post. Blogging provides me with motivation and occasion to think twice about things and to find connections and patterns. It changes me from passive reader to active thinker.

So, let’s end the suspense. Will I keep going? You bet.

Thank you to my community!

Since I started, you have been my constant companion. I have posted 566 times. For every post, you have written on average three comments. So, in a very real way, this blog is a truly collaborative creation. And I thank you for this.

As I keep writing for ProPR, I hope that you will continue to find content here that entices you to read and, even better, comment.

Here’s looking forward to another year of posting on Pro PR and having great conversations with you, my community.

  • Congrats, Joe.

    I can definitely sympathize with blogging being a part of life – even if I quit writing my blog, I won’t be able to get out of that mental state of tagging and thinking of posts.

  • Scared me there for a minute.

  • Angela MacIsaac

    Congrats on turning three, ProPR!

  • The PR community’s obsession with blogging in Canada can be traced back to you. From you inspiring me to start my own blog at Thornley Fallis to the support of the InsidePR podcast, you planted a seed that has grown, blossomed and borne fruit throughout the country. Many of us who think of ourselves as social media innovators in the PR space have you to thank either directly or indirectly.

    PS…this may have been the nicest thing I have ever said to you.

  • David, That IS truly the nicest thing you’ve said to me. And a pretty nice thing it is indeed. Thank you. 🙂

  • Congratulations, Joe. That’s a milestone. You’ve been leading the way for Canadian PR bloggers, so, I guess that means your shoes just got bigger. I’m glad you decided to stay and look forward to the ‘theme song’ for next year’s anniversary.