Third Tuesday Ottawa is back

We’re back. After several months hiatus (darn that burst appendix!), we’re restarting the Third Tuesday Ottawa social media meetups.

It seems that almost every day, we hear an announcement of a new social media tool, social network or open standard that the inventors tell us we soon won’t be able to live without. At this month’s Third Tuesday Ottawa, we have a panel of Colin McKay , Ryan Anderson and Brendan Hodgson to lead a discussion of which social media tools are most useful and which are just code looking for a reason to be.
So, if you’re confused by all the shiny new objects and want to know which you should use or, better yet, you want to share with others your views on which are useful and which don’t make the grade, join us at the next Third Tuesday Ottawa on May 5. (Yes, it’s a MONDAY. But that’s the day we could get the speakers and book the ClockTower.).

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

As always, special thanks to our sponsors, CNW Group . CNW has supported us through this entire season – and their contribution has enabled us to keep Third Tuesdays as free events for the social media community.