What topics would you like to discuss at Third Tuesday this year?

Third TuesdayWe’re extending the invitations to speakers for the first Third Tuesday Toronto and Third Tuesday Ottawa meetups of this autumn’s season.

This year, we hope to feature some of Canada’s best new social apps and the developers and entrepreneurs behind them.

Who would you suggest that we invite to talk about their social apps or Canadian startups? Leave a comment here or in the Third Tuesday FriendFeed room.

  • http://www.gigpark.com/

    nice social recommendation site here in toronto. Used by 95% of the tech/arts community

  • Hi Joe,

    I know the Ottawa events tend to draw in a lot of public servants. At the risk of alienating the agency / corporate types, it might be interesting to have a presentation from the participants of the upcoming BarCamp for government-types.

    Even agency types would probably be interested in knowing what’s going on in the GoC, given the contract potential. I’m not a public servant myself but I work with them so I know I’d be interested in a debrief of sorts.

    Colin is one of the leaders of the BarCamp, I’m sure he could offer more ideas on this.

  • Joe, Good suggestion. I’ve emailed Colin McKay to see if he or others would be interested in doing this. I’ve also added a note in the Third Tuesday FriendFeed room.

  • I’d recommend Sanjay Singhal, CEO of Graboid and former CEO of SimplyAudiobooks.com

    He is a friend so I can get to him if you are interested.

  • There was a great (if not somewhat controversial) panel at SES Toronto this year about Social Media and how it can be used for SEO purposes. It could be an interesting discussion for a Third Tuesday on *legitimate* ways Social Media can help drive traffic to your website. Here is a post about the SES panel (and outlines the above mentioned controversy!):