Government of Canada's Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the next Third Tuesday Ottawa

Third Tuesday OttawaIn the autumn, the Government of Canada announced a new initiative to integrate social media into its operations: GCPedia, a government-wide Wiki.

GCPedia has been up and running for several months. However, because it lives behind the Government of Canada’s firewall, you and I can’t see it or track how the experiment is proceeding.

The curtain will be drawn back briefly for attendees at the February 2 Third Tuesday Ottawa. Jeff Braybrook, the Government of Canada’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, will talk about GCPedia and some of the more promising social media for government pilot projects.

I believe that social media holds tremendous potential to bring government closer to citizens. And I’m looking forward to the discussion with Jeff.

If you’re in Ottawa on February 2, you can register online to attend Third Tuesday.

And thanks to our national sponsors, CNW Group, Third Tuesday continues to be a free event.

I hope to see you there.

  • Hey Joe,

    Given that we’re unlikely to have bus service, Tom Hofstatter and I are offering up the ride board we created for Social Media Breakfast Ottawa. I posted a link on the meetup site but in case people find it here first:

    No reason a missed carpool should keep people from the event!

    Thanks for organizing this, it should be really interesting for people in Ottawa especially.

    • Ack. Bus strike. I didn’t think about that. The car pool idea is a great one. Thanks for suggesting it.

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