Managing Social Media Conference

NewComm ForumI’ll be co-chairing and speaking at the Canadian Institute‘s conference on Managing Social Media in Toronto Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

The conference has drawn a high quality lineup of speakers, including Collin Douma, Jen Evans, Patrick Thoburn, Leona Hobbs, James Topham, Maggie Fox, Parker Mason and Jay Moonah. They and other speakers will be talking about issues such as how to find the right social media channels and apps for your business, ROI measurement, online crisis management, how to create an social media content strategy, how to bring your legal department onside, privacy and social media, copyright, and integrating social media with traditional media.

I plan to post about each section using CoverItLive. So check back Tuesday and Wednesday for coverage of the conference. Or you can follow it live on Twitter. We’ll be using the hashtag #CdnInst.