Inside PR 2.11: Consolidation in the social media measurement business & the inevitability of disclosure

In this week’s episode of Inside PR, Gini Dietrich and I talk about summertime and the PR business. Is it cyclical. Does it have to slow down. What can we do to make best use of the slower summer days? Maybe close the office early every Friday?

Is summer slower at your company? What do you do to keep busy? To keep staff morale up? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and we’ll use it in next week’s show.

We also talk about the acquisition of social media metrics company Sysomos by Marketwire, the latest in a series of social media metrics industry consolidations. I regularly use Radian6 and PostRank and think that social media metrics are a core tool for the new PR. Hopefully, consolidation will not stifle innovation in this area.

I also get a chance to make the point that organizations attempting to move opinion online should be transparent and disclose their interests from the outset. The recent controversy over the failure of the groups behind the Balanced Copyright Website to declare themselves underlines that, sooner or later, you’ll be forced to disclose who is behind online campaigns.

And, how could we close out the show without a quick pass at Prince’s statement that the Internet is over. Heck, after 30 years in the music industry, Prince still has us talking about him. So, I’m game to listen to what he has to say.

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0:28 Joe opens the show.

1:50 Joe talks about the summer slowdown.

6:12 Joe asks Inside PR listeners if summers are slower at their workplace and what they do to manage the lighter workload while keeping morale high.

7:10 Joe talks about the show’s first topic: Sysomos’ recent acquisition by Marketwire. He mentions a recent post by Dave Fleet about other social media monitoring tool acquisitions over the past year.

8:30 Gini talks about the various social media monitoring tools her business uses.

10:10 Joe shares his favourite social media monitoring tools.

17:12 Gini talks about Prince’s outrageous comment “The internet is over”.

21:45 Joe wraps up the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.