Inside PR – Third Try Lucky

Finally, on the third try, Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and I managed to record an Inside PR episode with all three of us together live.

Try 1: Inside PR Episode 2.01: Gini discovered that she had erased the recording of her audio after we finished recording. Martin and Gini got together the next day to re-record the episode. I was unable to join them. So, our producer, Yasmine Kashefi, edited in my introduction and – 30 – segment.

Try 2: Inside PR Episode 2.02: I blew it in a spectacular way. I ran down the batteries in my Zoom H4 and then discovered that I didn’t really know how to operate it. Lesson here: Don’t use a recording device without reading the manual. (Something familiar here to the relationship of men and maps?) I was booked for meetings for the following two days. So Martin and Gini record the episode without me.

Try 3: Inside PR Episode 2.03: The gangs all here. Finally!

I’d welcome your comments on what we’ve discussed or your suggestions for future topics you’d like us to cover.