An A- for Google+

I’ve been using Google+ for several days. So far, I think that, by and large,  Google got it right this time.

On the Plus Side:

The combination of video Hangouts with a Friendfeed-like Stream provides a natural conversation platform in which I can easily move back and forth between posting and live video conversations. It’s unlike anything else that so far exists.

The concept of Circles provides a fresh-start to those of us who found something wanting in both the Facebook symmetrical friending and Twitter blanket-followership. Circles should take the focus away from the blatant pursuit of large numbers of followers and place it back on finding others who truly share our interests – and want to engage in conversations about them.

On the Minus Side:

Search? How do I find things? Believe it or not, Google+ lacks a proper search function. The closest it comes is a feature called Sparks, which includes a search bar that suggests “Find stuff you’re interested in…” Surprisingly, it offers only basic search. It doesn’t offered the Advanced Search functions we’d expect of Google.

A pretty darned good start.

So far, an A- for Google on the early days of Google+. And given that I’m talking about a service that’s still in its trial phase, that’s a pretty good mark.


  • I know some people really like search, but it’s been so long since I’ve used Facebook I can’t remember how that service does it. Just as a matter of principle, I think Google plus should have the best search of any service, and I’m pretty confident that in the next little while it will.

    What would be especially good is integration right into Google of all the activity that happens in your Plus network (to combat with Bing + Facebook of course).

    What I’m curious to see is if Plus approaches other, social, but maybe not as social information valuable features like events. Will there be more a Facebook-like event integration as a core part of Plus? Or will my Plus events live inside Google Calendar? Seeing my Google Chat list grow so quickly with all my new contacts is the biggest change I’m going through after signing up for Plus.

    All in all, I agree with A-, and after reading the Wired article and considering it’s still in a trial period I say that it’s exactly according to plan.

  • Its shocking to hear from you that Google Plus which is social network being produced by the worlds most popular and reliable Search Engine lacks in a proper search function. I think that this deficiency would be removed by Google very soon and I hope that its A – ranking by you will convert into A+ very soon. Thanks for letting us know about this deficiency of Google +.