Has PostRank been integrated into the New Google Reader?

When I opened Google Reader just now, I discovered that the PostRank scores are front and centre:

Is this just because I installed a PostRank extension eons ago? Or has Google now integrated PostRank (which they acquired earlier this year) as a core element of Google Reader? It would be wonderful if the latter turned out to be true and the ingenuity of Ilya Grigorik and his PostRank team lives on in Google Reader.

UPDATE: Ilya Grigorik reached out to me last night to let me know that, no, PostRank has not been integrated into the new Google Reader. It’s the PostRank browser plug-in that is displaying more prominently in the Google Reader’s new format.

That’s too bad. PostRank was a very useful tool and, for a few hours, I hoped that it was now baked into the standard Google Reader feature set. Well, I guess I can keep wishing for this…