Help make sure Content Rules in Canada this week

If you create content – a blog, video, a podcast, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed – any kind of online content, the new book Content Rules will give you insight and practical advice you can use to make your content even better, even more engaging for your audience.

C.C. Chapman, co-author with Ann Handley of Content Rules, is arriving in Canada this morning to speak at Third Tuesday social media meetups across the country. He’ll be talking in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver about how to make great content that builds and serves your community.

As C.C. works his way across the country in the middle of a Canadian winter, I think it would be a great welcoming gesture if we could …

make Content Rules the number one book on the Canadian business bestseller lists this week.

You can help make this happen. Here’s what you can do:

Get the Book

Between now and Friday, get a copy of Content Rules. If enough of us buy the book this week, I think we can push Content Rules to the top of the business best seller list.

I bought my copy as an eBook from Kobo. Instant satisfaction! If you are a fan of traditional hard copy books, you can get Content Rules from Chapters.

Spread the word

Link to this post in a Tweet or a Facebook status update

Leave a comment on this post telling us when and where you bought your copy of the book. Tweet that too.

Tweet or post a Facebook status update quoting your favourite passage from the book

Use the Hashtag

The hashtag for the book is #ContentRules.

I’ll set up a feed for the hashtag #ContentRules and capture your tweets for C.C. and Ann to read (I’m sure they’ll want to thank you) and for a wrap up post following the week.

With your help, we can make sure that Content Rules in Canada this week.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome, Joe & community! Wish I could be there with C.C., but he’s going to rock it – for sure!

    p.s. My mother’s family is from outside of Quebec… so the idea of the book become a bestseller in Canada feels doubly right! ; )

    • Ann, Content Rules is a great book. My copy is highlighted throughout with tips that I plan to put into practice. Thanks for writing such a smart, useful book.

  • I’m really excited about the week ahead and this level of commitment and encouragement around the book really makes me smile!

    Thank you for supporting the book and making this happen Joe. Ann and I both greatly appreciate it.

    • C.C., When you write a great book like you and Ann have, you get people telling you how much they appreciate it. And even more, we appreciate an author who happily ventures across Canada in the depths of Winter. But, of course, you are a Bostoner. So, our winter will make you fell at home. 🙂

  • Lonnie. Rodgers

    I have bought Content. Rules. It is very helpful. Look forward to meeting him at Third Tuesday Meet Up on Wensday

  • We’re one step closer to #1 for the week as I’m now the proud owner of Content Rules! Looking forward to reading it on Kindle for iPad. See everyone at TTT tomorrow evening!

  • Judi

    We’re looking forward to Calgary…even with a capacity of 100 there is a waiting list. Ah, the power, the awesome POWER of social networking. Might even spur me to look into that e-book reader which has been tickling the back of my mind for awhile now.

  • Travis Cross

    Got my copy!

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