Why I'm hooked on Google+

Mark Ragan asked on Google+: “Why do you like Google+ or dislike it? What are its greatest strengths? Weaknesses?” I wrote a longish answer, which I’d like to share here as well.

Why I keep returning to Google+

I find myself looking at and replying to the posts in my Circles at least daily. You can see my public posts Why have I added it to Twitter and RSS feeds as a principal source of information?

1) The organization of comments with the original post enables an intelligent, longer form conversation. A step above the declaratory statements that Twitter’s 140 character limit make possible.

2) The absence of the “traffic building” gimmicks that caused Facebook’s interface to become a junkyard (on the way to being he next MySpace in terms of a messy interface?)

3) Google+ Hangouts and Chat provide instant communications options – from every page.

4) Circles, of course! Think about organizing your interests in different circles the way you’d sort your clothes into different drawers by category and season. It makes it possible to focus on the conversation about the subject  you are interested in at any given time.

It still could be improved

Not every thing is perfect. Google+ is still a channel-in-the-making. The biggest disappointment so far is the Sparks feature. I can only hope that Google is going to give us more refined search controls on this feature. Once they do, it too could be great.

My public profile on Google+

If you’re interested in following what I have to say on Google+, check out my public profile.

  • I was like you at the start but losiung that completely now. Hangouts are cool but everything else feels like hard work. Facebook seem to have more or less copied all the good features at this stage anyway 

  • I agree with number 3 and 4!

    I am an organizational freak, and love the ability to organize my network, interests and thoughts. 

    And the Google+ Hangouts are a lot of fun. I think there is a little work to be done, it is a little laggy sometimes when switching images of who is talking, but overall I like it. 

  • JessiEllerbe

    I definitely feel like Facebook is becoming the new MySpace! There’s so much clutter to it now. They feel they have to keep up with places like Tumblr and Twitter, but in my opinion, the simpler it is, the better the chances I’ll stay on the social site. If Facebook keeps adding all these unnecessary features, I might just have to leave. I haven’t tried Google+ yet, but your writing makes me want to give it a shot!

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