Mathew Ingram talks digital journalism: It is the best of times and the worst of times.

If it’s Tuesday, we must be in Toronto. After a great Third Tuesday Ottawa on Monday night, Mathew Ingram flew to Toronto to speak to the Third Tuesday Toronto community.

Yesterday, I captured the highlights of the Twitter steam about Mathew’s Ottawa presentation. Today, I’ve captured a selection of Tweets from the #3TYYZ twitter stream to provide an overview of Mathew’s subject matter and people’s take on it.













All in all, it was another night of thought provoking discussion with people who share common interests (if not common perspectives.) This is why I still enjoy Third Tuesday after seven years. Interesting people interested in other people and willing to share their ideas and learn from one another.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Rogers Communications and Cision Canada, for helping us to keep Third Tuesday alive.

And a huge thank you to Mathew Ingram for his generosity in sharing his ideas in two different cities on two successive nights. If you get a chance to see Mathew speak, jump at it. It will be worth it. And in the meantime, subscribe to his long form posts on GigaOm and his content curation on Twitter. I’m sure you’ll soon agree that Mathew Ingram is a “must read.”