Cancer is a bitch

It has happened again. Someone close to our family has been diagnosed with cancer. A serious case.

Cancer is a bitch. It strikes the undeserving. It shows no quarter to young or old, good or bad. It is devastating not only to the stricken, but to all those who know and love that person.

Cancer can be beat. It takes all of the science available to our healthcare professionals. But it takes more. It takes hope and determination and belief.

I know that our friend is not the only person who will receive news like this. It’s always devastating. But especially at this time of year.

So to you, my friend, and all the people who receive news that fills us with doubt and fear, I can only say that my thoughts, my will, my prayers, my heart are with you.

If there is a power above, some logic and order that make sense of this, I hope it will show itself now.

Cancer is a bitch.

I just want to celebrate

Today is an important anniversary for me.

Eight years ago today I had surgery for prostate cancer. And eight years later I’m still here to write about it. That’s something to celebrate.

My cancer was detected early through a blood test for PSA – prostate specific antigens. A simple test that my doctor included as part of my annual physical routine. And because he did that, he saved my life. My cancer was detected early enough that surgery could remove it before it spread.

So, I’ve had eight more years. Eight summers. Eight winters – lots of snow (I’m Canadian, so I see lots of snow.) Time with my wife and family. Time with friends. Time to discover and become fascinated by social media. Time. Lots of time.

Today is an important anniversary for me. A day to celebrate.

One man in six will get prostate cancer during his life time.

If you’re a man who’s made it this far in this post, make sure that your Doctor includes the PSA test in your annual physical routine. Early detection could save your life. And then you too will just want to celebrate.