A renewed commitment to blogging and commenting

Throughout 2010, I disappointed myself. As the weeks went by, I realized I was posting less on ProPR.ca. Just as bad, I failed to make the time to comment on other people’s blogs.

I found several reasons to rationalize my flagging effort at blogging. I had transferred much of my attention to twitter. More and more, I would tweet my thoughts in snippets and link to content that caught my eye. At the same time, I was being asked to speak to groups more often. I try to deliver a different presentation to every group. So I was spending an increasing amount of time creating content that would be presented to small groups, but which I failed to translate into blog posts. Add to this the uptick in the business cycle that took more of my time on company work and you I had all that I needed to justify my less frequent posting on Pro PR.

But I feel guilty about that. I take great value from the posts that others spend the time writing. And I feel I should contribute in equal measure.

So my promise to myself (and you) is to post much more frequently in 2011. My target is five posts per week. That’s ambitious and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to achieve this all or even most weeks. But I’ll try.

At the same time, I will make a real effort to write comments on other people’s sites. I frequently tweet links to the content that I find interesting. But I know as an author of a blog, tweeted links are no substitute for a healthy conversation in the context of the blog post itself. So I will try to contribute more to the conversation in the place where you create it – your blog – as well as tweeting links.

I hope that you will continue to visit and subscribe to ProPR.ca in 2011. If you see something interesting here, please take a minute to leave a comment with your own thoughts.

Ultimately, it’s the conversation that validates the effort of blogging.