Right. I'm going to fall for this one.

It’s tax season. And the scam artists are out in full force.

I received this in my email this morning:

Dear Taxpayer,

After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of : $112.00
Regarding this, please complete the Refund Form and mail it to one of the addresses from the second page.
>>You will find attached to this email : the English/French version of the form<<
Your *Refund Reference Number is: Ref/12209/2009.
*Refund Amount : 112.00 $.

*(You will need it to fill the form)

For security reasons, remove the form from your computer after printing.

Thank you,
Canada Revenue Agency

Yeah. For sure. Canada Revenue Agency is going to send an email with a generic heading to a “Taxpayer” asking me to complete and return a form. You can be sure I didn’t bother to open the attachments.

SPAM. The nuisance that just won’t go away.