Inside PR 2.15 is online

The latest episode of Inside PR is online. This week, Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and I talk about social media meetups that we attend and how pick which events we will participate in.

You can listen to the complete episode here.

Inside PR 2.15 Shownotes

0:30 Martin opens the show.

1:37 Joe shares the first listener comment, from Clint Stiles, about Inside PR #30.

3:37 Longtime listener, Chartwell 65, offers some suggestions to improve the show.

8:55 Joe talks a bit about Third Tuesday and how it started up.

10:20 Joe kicks off the next topic and asks Martin and Gini how they decided which events to attend and why?

14:37 Martin tells us about his first time attending PodCamp Toronto.

15:35 Joe shares what he looks for in a conference.

19:46 Gini encourages everyone to check out Empire Avenue.

20:13 Martin closes the show.

Thanks are due to Inside PR producer Yasmine Kashefi for creating these shownotes.