Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa Storified

Julien Smith is a smart guy who has given a lot of thought to how and why we connect with one another in real life and online and how we build meaningful relationships through these connections.

Last night, he kicked off his two-city Third Tuesday mini-tour to promote his new book, The Impact Equation, which he co-authored with another smart guy, Chris Brogan.

Julien did not disappoint the Third Tuesday community. He gave us a lot to think about in a witty, laugh out loud presentation.

I’ve captured some of the highlights and bon mots from his presentation using Storify. Enjoy.

[<a href=”//storify.com/thornley/julien-smith-at-third-tuesday-ottawa-3tyow” target=”_blank”>View the story “Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW” on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW</h1> <h2></h2> <p>Storified by Joseph Thornley &middot; Tue, Nov 27 2012 04:58:35</p> <div>With @misssolange at #thirdtuesday listening to author @julien The Impact Equation #ottawa http://pic.twitter.com/9aaXTMWeSamantha – STARFISH </div> <div>So excited to hear @julien! #3tyow this was before the event. Lovely guy. http://pic.twitter.com/aICX95zHStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Awesome crowd at #3tyow http://pic.twitter.com/aLM6M74mKristine Simpson</div> <div>.@Julien takes the stage #3TYOW http://pic.twitter.com/NABRBz3TVictoria Procunier</div> <div>If you want to support Michael O’Connor Clarke go to supportmichaelocc.ca #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>Wisdom and impact doesn’t have to come from age – Julien Smith #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>Be bold. Always. @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Persistence running – man needed to outrun his prey, a selection pressure, a forge. Become a weapon or be destroyed #3tyowHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>It used to be adapt or die, now it’s adapt or suck @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Children naturally adapt. To succeed, we must be like children. #3tYOWKimberly Valentine</div> <div>In order to adapt we must become and stay like children @julien #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>@Julien smith’s talk is him talking to one striking image after another. Keeps your attention…robinbrowne</div> <div>If you can’t be number 1 or number 2 in a category, get out… and create your own category says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>. @julien: the ugliest shows in the world are a growing trend (those flat toe shoes, can’t think of the name) #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>It’s not easy to look at something ugly and recognize it will become beautiful. @julien #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>Always easy to defend the status quo. Ugly is a process to becoming beautiful and useful @julien #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>I don’t want people to copy, I want people to evolve @julien #3TYOWStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>&quot;We should be constantly adopting to the needs that are around us.&quot; @julien #thirdtuesdaySolange Tuyishime</div> <div>@julien makes the case for freestyle agility. #3TYOWMark Blevis</div> <div>. @julien showing us a parcours video: look at what people can do vs what you expect them to be able to do #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Parkour … Parcours … Moving through your environment … Invented to run from cops #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>It’s amazing what people do, when they realize they have to. @julien #3TYOWEmily Charette</div> <div>You have to be like fire and turn your obstacles into fuel @julien (via Aurelius) #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>The problem is in your head and you can’t get out of your head. So stimulate your mind, break patterns says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>If something seems inevitable to you, do it today before others do it. @julien #3TYOWJoseph Thornley</div> <div>&quot;What truth do youconsider obvious that no one else believes&quot;? @julien #thirdtuesdayHenry Troup</div> <div>Don’t react to the marketplace as it is, everyone else has already done it @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Start the company you think is obvious that others don’t see yet #3TYOWHeather MacIntosh</div> <div>#3tyow @julien you don’t want some exposure, you want maximum exposure, some of the timeJoel Elliott</div> <div>“…think about how to leave an impression on those who matter and help them gather around you.” @julien #theimpactequationMelissa Adey</div> <div>&quot;Being vulnerable is the new cool,&quot; – @Julien at #3TYOW about his book, Impact Equation http://pic.twitter.com/WtfROCvTAdrian J. Ebsary</div> <div>Now I have another book by @julien to add to my must-read list: The Flinch http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0062Q7S3SJoseph Thornley</div> <div>Our brains our like malfunctioning alarm systems. We see risk because our ancestors saw risk. Break the cycle says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>&quot;We’re in the safest time ever so we should be taking more risks than ever.&quot; @julien smithrobinbrowne</div> <div>When you Flinch – big amount of pain and no one is willing to follow you. Choose that route. Hard but worthwhile @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Become familiar with this phrase: &quot;I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.&quot; #3TYOWMichaela Schreiter</div> <div>Disrupt your own industry on purpose says @julien #3tyowKristine Simpson</div> <div>If someone is going to cannibalize you, might as well be you. Dare to innovate @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Aim to galvanize your weaknesses and fix them @julien #3tyowStéphanie Montreuil</div> <div>Politicians can learn from @julien &quot;what I used to believe is… Now what I believe is…&quot; #3TYOW #EvolveDontFlipFlopMark Blevis</div> <div>A great speaker: @julien #3TYOW http://pic.twitter.com/NBNRvpmFJoseph Thornley</div> <div>Excellent talk tonight @ #3tyow by @julien. Being different is not always bad but being first is always betterraymond snow</div> <div>Great evening with @starfishevents. We’re inspired to make things happen. Thank you @julien! http://pic.twitter.com/MTvXxEr1Solange Tuyishime</div> <div>Succinct closing by @Julien at #3tyow: Talk -(without) Action = Shit.Andrew Moizer</div> <div>@julien thanks for a great talk tonight at @3tyow! Always thought provoking.Glenda Myles</div>

Julien Smith brings The Impact Equation to Third Tuesday

When social media was shiny and new, we talked about it constantly. Every new tool, every new publishing platform, every new social network fascinated by enabling us to reach out, to be heard, to connect with others in a new way, in a way that we couldn’t previously.

Social media gave the people formerly known as the audience a voice. Social media gave us all a means to publish what we thought. Social media gave us all a means to connect 24 hours a day seven days a week, regardless of where we were, with our friends, our family, others who held our interest.

But a few short years later, social media is no longer the new thing. It is a fixture in our lives.

That doesn’t mean that social media has lost its relevance. It’s just that our attention has moved away from the shiny new objects, the new tools, to what they can help us do and how that affects the way that we relate to others and to society.

Julien Smith and Chris Brogan are two smart guys who’ve spent a lot of time considering the interplay of social media and people, communities and organizations. And as they’ve done that they’ve gained insight into how people connect and form meaningful online relationships. They’ve tested their theories through podcasting, blogging, speaking, real-world events, by trying out virtually every means of connecting with others and then examining the effect that they had. Through them, we see that each and every one of us can be heard, can find community, can form relationships, can have impact.

In addition to their online efforts, Julien and Chris shared their insights through their book,  Trust Agents, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller. In Trust Agents, they examined the interplay of trust, reputation and influence in social media. And Julien travelled to  Third Tuesdays across Canada to meet and talk to the community of communicators, marketers, public servants, business people and students who wanted to know more about how to build online community.

Now Julien and Chris are back with a new book, The Impact Equation, their follow-up to Trust Agents. And once again, Julien is coming to Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ and Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW to share his insights.

A lot has happened in two years. No longer is social media a shiny new thing for techies. Now, it’s mainstream. We’re all creating, sharing and connecting on it. But are we making being as effective as we’d like to be? Are we having the impact we want to have?

Julien and Chris believe that we can have the impact we want to have. And they’ve charted out a formula – the Impact Equation – to guide us in this.

“We’re not writing about Twitter and Facebook and Google plus and interest and path, because who cares? Those things are temporary and they aren’t the things that matter. The people are what matters,” Julien and Chris write. The real focus of The Impact Equation is “about getting a larger audience to see and act upon your ideas and learning how to build a community around that experience to take it all to an even higher level.”

The Impact Equation is something that everyone who participates in social networks or creates and shares content can use. And Julien Smith has tested what he writes about and personally demonstrated that we can have an impact on the world around us.

If you’d like to participate in Third Tuesday with Julien Smith, you can register online to attend either Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ or Third Tuesday Ottawa #3TYOW.

The Impact Equation could make a real difference in how you approach online community and publishing.

BONUS: Every attendee will receive a copy of The Impact Equation when you check in at the event. So, you not only can hear and meet Julien, you can get your copy of the book personally signed by the author.

Thank you to our sponsors

Third Tuesday is supported by great sponsors – Cision Canada and Rogers Communications – who believe in our community and help us to bring speakers not just to Toronto but to Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver as well. Without the sponsors we couldn’t make Third Tuesday a truly Canadian affair. So, thank you to the sponsors of the Third Tuesday 2012-13 season: Cision Canada and Rogers Communications.